Showroom Princess

Showroom Princess

Corvette Fordite wrapped in Argentium Silver on 18” Sterling Silver chain


Fordite is not actually a stone. It's cut and polished from dried paint that would drip from car bodies on the assembly line. The paints of the different colored cars made uneven layers that lapidarists would reveal when preparing the cobochon (stone). This is a beautiful specimen that came from the Corvette plant in Kentucky. The painting process has changed, and Fordite is no longer produced, making it prized in the gem world. 

Fordite helps in adjusting and being flexible with the life's circumstances. The adaptability to change is a promising characteristic of Fordite. This patterned gemstone is mostly preferred by the people that tend to see a lot of career changes and drifts. Aids in getting out and exploring the unexplored side of a person, making life worth living and loving. Helps in getting to know the hidden talent that each has.  Another important property of the Fordite is that it help to increase the patience of the wearer. It has been shown that the person wearing a piece of jewelry made with Fordite showed much patience and flexibility than one without.



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